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To apply for admission to the postgraduate program in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, you must submit an online application through the

Currently, between 280 and 320 students enrol their postgraduate study in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. In every semester, the faculty receives 30-50 new student admission. The faculty make the admissions decisions by looking at the research proposal of applicant's area of interest, competitiveness of the applicant's grades, working experience and letters of recommendation. The applicants must come for interview if they are applying for coursework program.

Research Program

The research degree programs Doctor of Philosophy Mechanical Engineering and Master of Science Mechanical Engineering have being offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering since 1999. The research program facilitates students with the required research skills in various filed of specialization in mechanical engineering discipline. The students are supervised by the academicians and experts in the respective fields. The graduates are capable to work in research and development activities in the industry or university.

To enrol for Master of Science Mechanical Engineering, applicant is expected to have a thorough background in undergraduate engineering degree, physical science or equivalent from university recognized by UiTM Senate with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.75 or equivalent. Professional experience would be added advantage. Applicant for Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering must possess a Master’s degree in engineering or physical sciences from a recognized university by UiTM Senate. The applicant must submit a research proposal in the intended research area to the Head of Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The application for research program is open throughout the year.

After being enrolled, the student will arrange his or her program in consultation with their respective supervisor. The minimum duration of the study is 3 semesters for Master of Science and 6 Semesters for Doctorate of Philosophy. The student is required to present the research proposal between 6 to 12 months of his registration. The progress report is submitted every semester for monitoring purpose. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is offering the following areas of research;

  1. Green Energy and Environment
    1. Energy Systems: Analysis, Thermodynamics and Sustainability
    2. Energy Management & Policy
    3. Energy Audit
    4. Combustion
    5. Higher Efficiency Engine
    6. Renewable & Alternative Energy
    7. Waste Energy Recovery
  2. Mechanics of Solids and Structure Integrity
    1. Finite Element Modelling & Analysis
    2. Impact Analysis
    3. Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics
  3. Advances in Material Science and Processing
    1. Micro and Nano Systems
    2. Advanced Metallurgy
    3. Composite & Ceramics
    4. Metal Alloy
    5. Polymeric Processing
    6. Corrosion & Coating
    7. Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems
  4. System Design and Advanced Manufacturing
    1. Safety Engineering, Risk analysis and Reliability Methods
    2. Bioengineering
    3. Bio-Mechanics & Ergonomics
    4. Manufacturing Simulation Layout
    5. Industrial Management
    6. Lean Manufacturing
    7. Total Quality Management
    8. Microelectromecanical Systems
  5. Advances in Land, Air & Sea Technology
    1. Strategic and Defence Technology
    2. Transportation Management & Systems
    3. Vehicle Aerodynamics
    4. Hydrodynamics
    5. Advanced Powertrain and Propulsion System
    6. Vehicle dynamics and Control
  6. Dynamics, Control & system engineering
    1. Intelligent Systems and Information Technology
    2. Sensor Technology
    3. Sound, Vibration and Design
    4. Robotics, Computing and Computer Engineering
    5. Mechatronics Systems
    6. Electro-Mechanical Systems
  7. Tribology
    1. Bio-fluids, Lubricants & Lubrication
    2. Surface Tribology
    3. Bearing
    4. Dry Friction & Wear
    5. Green Tribology
  8. Wind Engineering and Building Physics
    1. Indoor & Outdoor Ventilation
    2. Urban Heat Island
    3. Building Energy
    4. Indoor Air Quality & Thermal Comfort
    5. Fire Engineering & Pre-cautions
    6. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


Coursework Program

The degree Masters in Engineering Management (EM704) is a coursework program and it was introduced in 2006.  The Masters in Engineering Management program is intend to provide engineers and professionals with management competencies so that will enhance their professions in their respective organizations. The program helps the students to get Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Senior Professors, Experts and Professionals are among the appointed lecturers who share their working experiences and knowledge in the industrial works. Applicant must possess a Bachelor’s degree in any engineering fileds or Physical Science from a recognized university with a minimum Cumulative Grade Pont Average (CGPA) of 2.75. A minimum 3 years of working experience in industries or public sector related to engineering field is a must. However, less qualified applicant can be considered with more than five years working experience prior to rigorous assessment process from the approval committee. Students are expected to be graduated between 3 and 6 semesters for full time students and between 4 to 8 semesters for part time students. Currently, this program is only offered for part time student. Futher information for the program is available here
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